The company



Since 2001 Episcan SRL ideveloper and producer oinnovative solutions in the medical field.  



Episcan products are designed to get an optimal efficiency and adaptatioto the challenging needopatients, grantingthe best possible recovery.

Thproducportfoliof Episcan consistsin high-qualitproducts, 100made in Ital,which is obtained thanks to a studied advancement aimed to discover new technics of construction.




Episcan Srl is located in L’Aquila – a town incentral Italy – and is activon the whole national market. Thanks to a widespread presence of sales agents othe territory, Episcan supplies the  publiche alth system and private clinics both.

85othturnover results from products patented by Episcan. Episcan is also owner of the construction technologies anof the marks.




Episcan is ware of the responsibility of all the challenges in the medical field; in accordance with all national and European regulations and law santhCE and ISO protocols, the activitof Episcan is aimed to the atient recovery and the functional solutioohis matters. Furthermore, ethical principles grant the achievementof thbest quality in production and management.

Episcan develops partnerships with prominent figure sof thmedical sector, in order to providhigh-class products and services in favouof patients, doctors, customers and distributors.

Episcan iscertified ISO 13485:2016 e 93/42/CEE.


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